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    We are composed of Yujin Tech prepared facility to product Master batches and compounds, also Hwasung P.O.C importing and exporting pigments, resins, plastic additives.

    These two abilities blended very well can make a system better reaction for customer’s needs.

    Based on many years of trade experience that we have been doing with major leading companies (LG, Hanhwa.,) in Korea, We have proved a quality and confidence. Also accumulated ability and the information through from our specialized sales agents, we would always be prepared and take the lead in this rapidly changing industry.

    Thank you
    Representative Sang Hun Kim
    We operate a website in the world.
  • Company : YUJIN TECH & HWASUNG POC  l  CEO : Sang hun .Kim
    626-220 #17-24, Eogok Gongdan 4gil,Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea  l  TEL : +82 55 363 2298 / +82 55 362 1290
    FAX : +82 55 362 2298  l  E-mail : hwasungpoc@hwasungpoc.com

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